Terron Dodd's Wooden Spoons

Terron Dodd

Hand Crafted Wooden Utensils, Bowl, Stools and More


My name is Terron Dodd. This site represents an online showcase for my woodworking.

I focus primarily on custom, hand crafted wooden spoons of all shapes and sizes. However I also carve many other utensils and kitchen items, some of which include:
To see some samples of my work please visit the Online Gallery.

If you're interested in ordering some spoons or any of my work, please visit the How to Order Page.

If you want to find out a bit about me, my history, how I started making spoons or the process I use to create my work, please visit the About Page. I've also included some information about the Types of Wood that I like to use.

Thanks for visiting and please don't hesitate to send me a question, if you have one!