Double Sided Wooden Spoon

Terron Dodd’s Gallery

This gallery displays samples of my work.

Small Spoons - These little spoons may be used as regular eating spoons, for serving things such as jam or for stirring a small pot. I use one to eat my porridge in the morning. Use them for baby spoons, sugar spoons and sampling or taster spoons.

Medium Spoons - (total length 12-14 inches) These wooden kitchen spoons are used for serving, mixing, baking or stir frying. The deeper ones are more suitable for serving. The shallower ones are better for stirring - especially sticky, thick material such as bread or cookie dough - because it won't stick in them so badly as in a deep spoon. I sell more of this size than any other.

Large Spoons - People use my larger, sturdy spoons to mix bread, stir soups and prepare large commercial size batches of ingredients.

Collections - This gallery displays collections of spoons with reference items so you can get a feel for the shape and size of my work.

Other Utensils - Other utensils that I produce include wood salad sets, spatulas, wooden gravy ladles, soup ladles, wooden scoops and spreaders. Scoops come in multiple sizes - from flour and grain size to ones for sugar and spices. Spreaders are used to spread butter, jam, soft cheese or anything else you can spread with such an implement. Some potters have bought them to use in shaping clay. All these utensils, and the spoons as well, should be safe for non-stick surfaces.

Bowls - My bowls are not turned using a lathe, I carve them the same way I make my spoons. When available, I like to use wood burl, such as maple burl. People use my bowls in all sorts of ways, from salad bowls to props in medieval and historical re-enactments. They come in many shapes and sizes depending on the available wood.

Stools - Stools are generally made in two pieces with the legs being made from the crotch of a tree, and the top from an interesting piece such as burl.

Unique Items and Artwork - Unique utensils and various pieces of art from interesting pieces of wood that I come across. Also in this section you can view spoon holders and coat hooks.